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Name: Ambulance Patient torso slide board

Item 4004T - Quantity discount. Made for easy patient transfer from Ambulance stretcher to hospital stretcher. No back strain. 18" X 30.5"
"In an effort to reduce the injury potential and increase patient comfort of EMT transfer demands, Acadian Ambulance purchased special slide boards to be
used on all of our 160+ ambulances. These light-weight, durable, and perfectly sized (fits on the bottom tray of our stretcher) boards have been
used for almost 8 years. They can be positioned under the patient's buttocks/upper thighs, or under the shoulders when a second crew is on hand,
and are essential in reducing the friction that is encountered when sliding them to and from stretchers, beds, sofas, etc. To gain more knowledge of
their effectiveness, AASI used the LSU Medical Center to perform a research project utilizing EMG data collection. Results showed that transfers using
the slide boards significantly reduced the effort on the muscles involved in these transfers. You can think of these slide boards as a means of
seemingly reducing the weight of a patient compared to not using them. The patient slide board is a valuable part of our injury prevention program."
Chris Johnson, MSS, CEP - Wellness Coordinator - Acadian Ambulance & Air Med Services (337) 291-3380

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